Zannan Bagudu describes petition to EFCC Against Former Gov. Yari as Deceptive and Comfusing


The recent EFCC petition filed against the former Executive Governor of Zamfara State, Hon. Abdulazeez Yari Abubakar and other APC members in the state by Sani Abdullahi Wamban Shinkafi is deceptive, confusing, malicious and has no shred of evidence.

The petition is mischievous and a calculated and deliberate attempt to continue to fool the present Administration in the State.

I see this as odd and laughable that the same person who called the present Governor of the State names during the 2019 general elections is now publicly singing a different tone to praise the present Governor simply because of his personal and selfish gains.

It is this same person that produce a video on the present Governor that went viral during the 2019 general election campaigns, accusing him of diverting funds meant for the purchase of weapons for the State that the Governor’s Secondary School Cert. result are not genuine which caused embarrassment to the Governor.

He also threaten to drag the EFCC to court if they fail to probe the Governor for corruption but now he is telling a different story about the Governor and insulting APC leaders in the State just to please the Governor over what he did to him in the past.

The question now on everybody’s lips is what has changed to warrant the praise-singing on the Governor and the insults on the APC leaders in the State.

It’s pleasantly entertaining that despite all these allegations made against the Governor in the past by this same person, the Governor now take sides with him and sees him as his new Political ally.

One wonders how on earth can we take this kind of person who is bent on achieving his selfish interest at the detriment of any person serious and trustable. It is for this fact that the former Governor refused to aligned himself with these kind of people who blackmail prominent leaders in the State to achieve their selfish and personal gain.

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